The Adams Family {Snow Hill Maryland Family Portrait Photographer}

05 September 2014

Well I have known this family for about 5 years now, our children go to school and play sports together. I had the pleasure of photographing their oldest son two years ago for his senior portraits. We had been trying to pick a good time to get some family photos done but with sports and school it was hard to get together! Well I am glad we finally did! Not only did I get some great shots of their whole family but I also did some individuals of their twins, who are in the same grade as my oldest. Plus we did some shots with their dogs, LOVE THEM, and their daughter Anna's horse Bentley. It was so much fun and since my oldest and their daughter are best friends, she rode along as my assistant.

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I have been a busy bee lately............ {Snow Hill Maryland Family Portrait Photographer}

22 August 2014

The past few weeks I have been busy with sessions! YAY! Love it! SO I am making this a MEGA share post of a few photos from each of those sessions!

My cousin messaged me last year wondering if I would be able to take some beach photos of her and her family while they were on vacation this summer, of course I said yes! So while they were down here in OC vacationing we met up one night to take some photos. She has three small children and was a little worried they wouldn't cooperate, BUT I think they did just fine!

Then another good friend of mine had wanted to have family photos done while her sister and father were here visiting. This was a pretty big group and we had rain moving in! We had to move fast but were still able to get all the shots in we needed! Six kids, I was in my element!


The boys are TWINS!! Love multiples!

OK onto the NEXT!! This session was pretty special for me, this is my very, very good friend Randi and on of her beautiful boys Wes. We have been friends for a very long time, like we may as well be sisters. I love her to pieces! Baby boy just turned one so we decide to get some pics of him and her together. Now we need to plan a full family session so we can include her husband and older son.

 Randi actually MADE this banner! How cute it that???? 

Finally I had the pleasure to photography this beautiful family from FLORIDA! He is in the Navy and they are stationed down there, LUCKY! They have family in my area and wanted to have some photos done while they were here visiting for a few weeks. Their adorable little boy had turned two on that same day! I think he did pretty well, especially since I am sure he had birthday cake overload right before the session! I am so glad I got to meet them and their beautiful children!

I really love this photo! We had a hard time getting a good posed shot of these two together. I love this because it shows that two year olds are in charge. I LOVE IT!

 This is another absolute fave of mine! LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!! They melt my heart!

Look he posed for me! And how cool is that helmet!

I am glad to be this busy! Sorry I had to do a mega post to share some of these gorg photos!

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Laura & first maternity shoot! {Snow Hill Maryland Maternity Photographer}

17 April 2014
This was my very first Maternity shoot, and I think maybe my most favorite shoot to date! I met this gorgeous couple through my children.......they are both teachers at my girls' schools. Byron teaches my 8th grader, and she has said he is her favorite teacher (shhhhh don't tell anyone else that). Laura works with my 2nd grader, with her reading I believe. They are both such wonderful teachers. We are really lucky to be part of such an awesome school district. I think we have the best of the best when it comes to our teachers.

Anyway......Laura and Byron are expecting their first child on May 10. They choose to be surprised too! I was never able to wait, I HAD to know. I am sooo bad with surprises. I just know they are going to be such incredible parents. I am so glad I was asked to document this special time in both of their lives. Thanks for that Laura and Byron.

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29 March 2014
I used to make my business cards in Photoshop Elements than I would order them through my regular lab, ProDPI. I kept getting sick of the card designs and having 250 made at a time meant a lot of card wasting. SOOOOO I recently had the BRILLIANT idea of making my own! All I needed was some rubber stamps, ink, washi tape, and business card blanks. I think that the homemade version means more, more thought goes into them and maybe some more love.  Onto the pics! I will post links to where I got all my supplies.

The inks were mostly purchased on etsy:

I purchased most of them from Snuggly Monkey on etsy, click the store name to open the store page. She is wonderful! Great prices and fast shipping.

The washi tapes (which are totally addicting) were also bought on etsy:

The tan and gray polka dots were from Fresh Blue Mornings on etsy, again clicking the name will take you to the store. Laura is awesome to deal with as well. She is super nice and ships fast.

The orange and aqua polka dot tapes are from LaZoie on etsy. She has a HUGE selection of washi's and ships out super fast.

My favorite item is my business card stamp. I LOOOVVVEEE it. I purchased the Bombshell Pro font from Emily Lime Design to use for my logo. I have been eyeballing this font for quite some time and finally decided that if I really wanted to love my logo I had to buy it. I am totally in love with calligraphy these days and it was just a perfect fit.

 Yes the orange ink has stained my stamp, but it really doesn't bother me because it doesn't affect any of the other colors I use and it will fade with each use and cleaning of the stamp.

Etsy to the rescue again, can you tell I love etsy??? I bought this from Business Card Stamps on etsy. Kem is FABULOUS! My first stamp came and had a small issue. He made me up a new one and shipped it right out AND let me keep the old one. I simply cut off the bottom with the contact info and can use that one as a logo stamp. He is awesome to work with! And I simply LOVE my custom stamp!

This stamp is probably the BEST find I have had. I found it in a bargain craft bin at my local Walmart for....get this......$1!!! Yahoo! Love me a bargain, plus it is super cute!

And super awesome bargain numero dos is my business card blanks! You can find card blanks on etsy but not for this price. Mine are artist trading cards, whatever that means, and they only cost $1.99 for 25 of them at my local Hobby Lobby. They come in white, cream and kraft brown. They are almost the exact size of real business cards. Hmmm looking at it they may even come in textured paper, like linen or something. Don't quote me on that though.

Here are the backs. The two bottom ones are hard to see that camera stamp. It is much easier to see in person. The gray one is a light pink color and the tan has aqua green. I sooooo love my new cards! Plus it gives me the freedom to change them up whenever I want.

Once I get my packaging all together I will do a post about it, it is also all handmade. It is simple and at bargain prices as well. As part of my new pricing strategy, all inclusive, I am switching from giving clients cd's to a cute little flash drive with my logo on it. I ordered this from Photo Flash Drive. I LOVE this company. I ordered the digital preview, and glad I did because the first logo I sent I really didn't like once they sent the preview. Their design team was really great to deal with and had no problem changing up my logos. LOVE them!
That one is a bamboo flash drive but I think next time I will go with their regular wooden ones. The engraving is inconsistent on the bamboo ones. I still love it but the color difference bothers me a bit.

I JUST ordered this stamp here below, and it hasn't come yet but I wanted to add it to this post. I plan to alternate it with my dollar camera stamp. I got this one because it is modeled after the neato Holga and Diana cameras. Plus it is super cute! I purchased it from, you guess it, Etsy. To be specific I bought it from Brown Pigeon. Her stuff is super cute! I love the whole shop!!

That picture above it not mine, I borrowed it from Brown Pigeon. I simply couldn't wait for my stamp to arrive to share it here!!!

And just for fun, and because I love these stamps so much too. I have a small collection of Thank You stamps that I use for my packaging. This is a bad cell phone pic of what they look like stamped.

Ok the top left one is from Hobby Lobby, I think I paid $5.99 or so for it.

The top right is yet another Walmart dollar bargain bin find.

Bottom left and right are my absolute faves and both came from 5th Floor Designs on, do you wanna guess where???? ETSY!  I love them so much! They are handmade calligraphy stamps and have a cool handle on them. The Mahalo one is my fave! I am not Hawaiian but it just has a beachy feel to it and since I live near the beach I HAD to have it!!

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